Espresso Vs Drip Coffee

Let’s all be honest, we all have our own preferences in drinking a sexy cup of coffee every morning. Some would prefer the strong bold hit of an espresso while others would simply go for a nice drip from the coffee maker or go the traditional ritual and brew some coffee.

Espresso, brewed coffee, drip coffee. Every coffee lover will easily know the difference between all of these types of brewing methods. Espresso brews the purest extraction of them all with also the largest amount of total dissolved solids (TDS) coffee.
Drip coffee, on the other hand, has the least amount of TDS because of the use of a fine filter paper and has its own distinct taste. While brewed coffee produces its own unique taste as well. Let’s talk
about the main difference among the three.

Type of Coffee Used

Espresso is the most sensitive out of the three main brewing methods because it prefers finer ground coffee. The finer the ground, the better it is to extract the coffee from the coffee. Drip coffee and brewed coffee uses coarser grounds of coffee but it still depends on the person’s preference. You can still have fine ground coffee on your drip or brewed coffee.

Espresso uses a mix of different types of coffee and different roasts. For that reason, the barista’s ability to concoct a mixture of different coffee for an awesome shot of espresso also produces a variety of tastes.

Drip coffee and brewed coffee are more straightforward because it uses one type of coffee and coffee roast for a wonderful cup of coffee.


Espresso is made using an espresso machine. It is pretty complicated since you need to consider the water temperature, atmospheric pressure, tamping, and the coffee grounds. It has the least time of contact between water and coffee.

Drip coffee uses the pour over method. Coffee preparation like the Chemex or the coffee cone method are examples of great drip coffee.

Traditionally brewed coffee uses an immersion method where the coffee stays in longer contact with the coffee grounds. Brewers like the French Press, Aeropress, vacuum pot or siphon, Moka pot, etc. are all brewed coffee.

Taste and Texture

None of these three produce the same taste of coffee ever! Even if you use the same coffee origin, the same roast, and even the same type of grind, the taste always varies. Although the quality of the taste originates from all these three factors, the three types of brewing methods produce a different cup every time.

Espresso has the richest and also the ‘close to sweetest’ taste of coffee you’ ever get. It has a bold strong coffee flavor rich in aroma and full of texture. Espresso is the main ingredient for many coffee drinks.
Drip coffee has its own magic because it also produces a strong bold coffee flavor. It’s not too acidic and not too overwhelming either.
Brewed coffee is strong yet slightly more acidic. It has a kick on the palate but produces a nice warm fuzz of caffeine punch.